Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I love Mikhail and Horus

I retired yesterday

my work is having children and marrying men

Plus I am going through it with Julius Ceasar

I loved today's weather

I would rather sleep in

Instead I am doing the weekly shopping with my mum

I love Bev - she always comes back with me to our home

I will see if I can have more women

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I think my fathers must stick with their sons and daugthers

It is their family forever

I love them too - but I have my own family; Mikhail and Matthew

I do love them but I am not so much in society

But I have kept in touch some way; going to ERMHA being a servant

Stick with them and listen to them

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

To my three daugthers - Sneha

Okay I have so many daugthers

But the three that shine out the most are;

my first daughter - Otillie

my and Mikhail's first daugther - Colleen

Mikhail's first daugther - Diana

I know they are very beautiful

I am not beautiful but great

I think they are beautiful - okay I love to see beautiful women

But to marry a man like Mikhail you have to be more than beautiful

I know I will never leave him - I will always be with him

I love our son Horus

He is very handsome

Even though they are very beautiful - I love my two sons more

I don't know I thought I would write an article on beauty but no that is not real

To be married to a man like Mikhial you have to be very hard working and great

I was Condoleeza Rice

Secretary General of the State (in America)

I love both my sons

I love to work hard for them for their love

I have been time trapped and am not in anything

but I think the world today is too dangerous for women

I work hard for Mikhail and  Horus - looking after them

Anyway -

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

I saw a photo of my first daughter with Mikhail

Oh my goodness she is so beautiful

why are they all beautiful

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

I haven't written in a while

I have been feeling a bit unwell

Today I went to the gym

I enjoyed ERMHA but now Tom is leaving it is going to be a different place to be

I am thinking can I go to Mc Donald's today - I am feeling a bit quezzy in my stomache

I was sleeping with Teddy - but I couldn't sleep

I think I left the drinks out all night so they have given me my sickness

The exciting news; I might be going to school in 10 years time to Kilvington

I told Mikhail I know I am a loner but I want to go to school to study and learn about the world

he said yes and put me in the waitng list

everybody is happy and I have to keep working hard

I have so much to do;

wash the clothes

go to EMRHA

now that Tom is going I think I will eat at ERMHA

I can't wait

I am going to The Dandenongs

I am keeping physically active

I think next year I will do the AGED CARE COURSE - before I go to school

I have to keep learning to sow using patterns at the sowing classes - so later I can open a boutique

Plus my mum is going to find out about cake decorating classes - I want to go

I love the new shopping center Mikhail built for me

I want to eat at Tokyo Sushi - maybe one day

Anyway I better go

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I love my two sons so much - they both came to the party

So did Vish Vesh and Lakshman

Today I found out they let it go

which is good because I have to live with my family - Mikhail Horus and Me

I know I am Surya Arava

There isn't much for me to do

Tomorrow I am going to sow the pants

Then maybe Saturday or Sunday stock up on icing sugar

I think I will look up fondant reciepes

they keep playing the game

he is happy no - so is he

we are happy when everybody is as supposed to be and happy

I don't know what more there is to write

Mikhail and Horus are so beautiful

I don't shave or look good because I have depression and am not ready for a relationship yet

I loved my yarn with Kevin

I will start cake decorating

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I made some cup cakes today

I did all the washing and went to the doctor's

I have planned to decorate the cup cakes beautifuly and give them to Kishan for a birthday present

But I am not feeling well

So I will see

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

Oh Mikhail I love you so much

I know you will come back to me

but we still need to be together everyday

I would love a boyfriend

I can't wait till the end

I am working hard to always be there for you and visit you

I hope Tom isn't leaving

It was good that Kevin asked you to stay

I am day dreaming of the years becoming quieter and more peaceful

I love you so much and Horus

Oh Mikhail - after sometime Joy has come back

I felt like it was a much longer time away

I am day dreaming of getting a boyfriend

I love you so much

I miss being with you everyday

2078 - I will be my true self


love you Mikhail

love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

I wondered who was in me - it is Otillie living me

I love Mikhail and am hoping Aaron will come today

I had a good yarn with Kevin

He was happy and said see ya

I think next year I will do the AGED CARE COURSE

I better go

love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Tom here

I am not leaving - I will see how I can stay

Yours Tom

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I went to the gym today - did a good half an hours worth of work

The news is Tom is leaving ERMHA

I think I might still come but do the AGED CARE course and start working in AGED CARE

I don't if everyone is leaving will they be replaced with real counsellors

in that case it will be good

I am thinking what more is there to do

I don't know

Mikhail called me last night saying he was feeling scared

so today I spent the whole day with him

he is much happier and gone

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hello - Mikhail here

Ebony will live in paradise with his whole family one day

David will become so great and live happily forever with his family

Sneha will go on to live forever with her family - me (Mikhail) & horus (Matthew)

Yours Mikhail

Hello - Sneha here

I am so happy David will soon be going off into the world

I told the truth about Ebony and everyone is falling in love with him

I plan to keep David

I do love my husband and son

Why I gave up and went for the spiritual life - because I didn't want to ruin his life

I am pretty happy

But I told Ebony he can never give it up not once at all

we love each other as mother and son

I do love Mikhail and Horus

It is one day but for Ebony it is never

Yes Ebony it is never


Ask your men


one day we will be the happiest people around in the end

Tomaz - not to give it up


I will give it a chance for you and Ebony to be together


naive Ebony - you have to be with Van one day

once you have paid it forever


true - it is a long time away


I am so happy for David - I did it for him

Because he kept me as a servant when i had no money

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I am feeling so happy

because Tomaz and Claire marry

it is so beautiful

I am eating one meal a day

also loosing weight and growing long hair

I am feeling a bit out of it

Maybe I will write more another day

love Sneha (Kalinda)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I don't know what to do - look up pictures of Mikhail or talk to Horus

I don't know

I have worked so hard I feel like having some fun

I will see what I will do

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

My beautiful best pal Lisa is having marital problems

She will be fine

I love her so much - thankyou for the birthday cake

1 year it will take - then once it is broken just enjoying ourselves every Thursday

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hello - Mikhail here

I do love Sneha (Kalinda)

And promised Ravanna India

Yours Mikhail

Hello - Sneha here

I do love Ravanna

I am going to stick to the men I am with

Maybe I might also go for more in other times

I am happy - Ravanna said he did it because of Yesterday

I love him for it

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Yes I am Australian and an Aborigine

I love all of them and am going to stay with them till Mikhail comes back to me

I will just see where the world takes me

I love everyone and am very happy

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Well hedidn't know I was only a servant

So now he keeps me as a servant

He said I shouldn't offer to marry - only if someone asks me

So I am going to listen

There is nothing much for me to do

I love them all

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Ravana here

I have a feeling Sneha is Tamilnadu and India

I think Jude is Pakistan

Kalinda is a tamil name - In India she is Kalika

Well thankyou for listenning to me - Yours Ravanna (with Kalinda forever)

Hello - Sneha here

I am feeling pretty exhausted

I don't know

I am not in the best of shape today

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

hello to everyone who loves me

I am fine; so much knife edge things happenned today

I am fine and am very relaxed and happy

the world is a scary place - but not in my little home

my plans - I won't be going out tomorrow

but on Thursday I will be there for breakfast

Yes I will work hard forever - I have to keep working hard

I will

My chinese friend says Hi

there isn't much more to do - but relax and sleep

I have to keep working hard

Anne gave me a little doll keyring

I use it on my handbag

I am relaxing and cooling down

I love everyone and promised never to cry again

Mikhail will build such a beautiful world

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

P.S: I have to keep working hard

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

Maybe I still love my fathers

Who knows

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Okay I do love them for my childhood but I don't know - today we are worlds apart

I guess I will keep them safe forever

Love Kalinda

David is not that in love with me - Bryan is

But I have my husband and son

I didn't think

I must go - First in the car ride to the egg farm Stephen tried to kill me

then this

I might sleep for sometime and keep active

because I am only a servant and yes I love my fathers and my two sons

Why do you love your fathers?

because they were there through out my childhood


well what else?

what else - I am going to relax and enjoy life

why don't you have friends?

because they are jealous and those I have want to love me


I do love them - because they were there in my childhood


only boys no?


I plan to marry my first son Mikhail and live with Horus

He was in love with them in the beginning but I cried so he fell out


maybe not - but he promised one day we would live a normal happy life

I dream of us three being together and living a normal life

Normal life - I don't know sometimes the stress of living is too much


I do love them - I will but I have my own family my two sons


Today - have a shower - tomorrow sow my pants - then Thursday breakfast - Friday sow the rest of the pants

The Satruday go to Scrapbooking classes - that's it

well if you look you can see that some people suit other people


I don't know

If it is true - I will let them all into our family


My family is my son Mikhail and our son Horus


So what else

Nothing else; I have to relax and just do nothing for sometime

I am not sleeping till 9pm


what are your plans for the future?

keep going to ERMHA and maybe get a boyfriend


love you Kalinda

thankyou love Kalinda

Hello - Eike Batista here (Mikhail)

It is scary but my life was in her hands

She is capable but the government has decided she has to be trained so she will always be capable

I am scared because I want her to be beautiful and lovely

I love her and our son so much

training is scary - but it is as it is

Yours Mikhail

P.S. - I love her and our son Horus. It is a game - all I ask is of Kalinda to be mine only

Yours Mikhail

Hello - Sneha here

I am too tired to write too much

I love Eike Batista

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I am a great con - I never realised it

But I am great at it and do it every day

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Here is a picture of me as Mariyln Monroe

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Teddy here (Horus)

I love Mikhail and pray he will always be the same

I love Kalinda and pray she will always be ours

Love Teddy (Horus (Matthew))

Hello - Sneha here

Today I realised Mikhail has grown into an old man

He is still the same

I love him so much and our son Horus

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - James Spader here

Yes I do love my daughter

everything is fine

it is likely because she is my daughter

Yours James

Hello - Sneha here

The thing with Bryan is he loves me but I always say no I love my two sons

So he gets hurt and keeps being nasty to me

Everything is fine

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

John and Robert love me too

But I love my two sons

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I love all my daughters

I will never stop peddling children

I love them so much

Love you all Sneha (Kalinda)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello - Karen here

I can't believe how good Kalinda is

I want to live with her - but maybe they will change their mind

My husband has left me so I live with my father

I think it is my father who is going to taken Kalinda in

Love Karen

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

Today Mikhail realised why I made so much of Susan's send off to me

Because I haven't got any friends or female aquaintances so it was big for me

Our nanny is a female she is so good and beautiful

Ella came with her husband Chris (mikhail).

I saw him he looked like Bryan - he had totally changed his face

I would love to see them togethere again

He said he wanted to see Sneha and sleep with Horus

Horus i have realised is my best friend

I am so happy - but I have so much work to do

I have to make this house homely

then always be there for Mikhail

at the same time looking after our family

looking after Horus

also being with people

I also have to look after my body

that is about it

I am slowly getting back into ERMHA

next sowing classes and scarpbooking classes

there is so much to do - I don't know why I cried (exhaustion)

I love Mikhail so much - most then our son Horus

Yes Horus loves his father the most

I love both my sons

My plans to become more better and settling down into my life for the next 78 years

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

P.S. I love my sons more than all of this

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello - Mikhail here

I have realised today there is no meant to be
I am still doing research into whether there is a meant to be

I love my son - if there is no meant to be he is ours

My son Horus has stopped talking - so I am guessing he loved his mother when she dissappeared

he couldn't take the stress

this is a crazy world

you lift me up when I am weak

your love is all I need

okay I better go

yours Mikhail

Hello - Mikhail here


Yours Mikhail

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

Being married to Mikhail is not all it is

I love him

but he doesn't go out that much

I don't know - I am too happy to be his wife

Plus this is a real marriage

which is so good

TO TOM; my fathers want to come and stay with us


Tom here; I am loaded so she can take me out


we will go out - I have to loose weight to wear all the dresses

I have lost weight

He loves me - I love him too


Tom; he loves his mother




I noticed Anne is not that open with me anymore

He has masked himself and not being so down to earth with me

I wonder why?

because I married him

I love him and have always loved him

Plus we have our son Horus (Matthew)

I love them both and they are our family


I love my fathers my husband and so and children

love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

I married Mikhail yesterday

I am so happy

my fathers are so happy it is a fairytale

The Russian billionaire married the Australian socialite

it is too exciting

everything is fine

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I have taken back my blog from Mikhail

I do love him and Horus

I love my fathers

I love my best friend Simone and my two sons and grandson

there isn't much for me to do

Maybe I will eat some ice-cream and do nothing all day

I fell in love with him and our son Horus

I think I will do the AGED CARE COURSE

Well got to go

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mikhail here

I did love Gemma

I love my mother

But it is sexual abuse

I will get over it

- I have always loved Kalinda

yours Mikhail

Hello - Sneha here

I know what they did - but they really didn't do it

they just offered their daugthers because they were beautiful enough

I am good at it because I was brought up by seven gay men

I know Mikhail was in love with her and is hurt

I do love my fathers - if ever there was a drastic situation I come and help them out

But they left me at fourteen and went on to have their own daughters

I have my two sons; Mikhail and Horus

Mikhail has nothing to worry about - because I saw him yesterday and he is turning bad as anything

I love Horus - but Horus is meant to be spoilt and beautiful to always catch Mikhail when he falls

A back-up

I love everyone and very happy

When we went shopping today at Millers - I saw two girls who had scars and missing teeth with a little boy in  a pram - that was me when I was young and had my little boy Mikhail

Even when Mikhail was little he would think

I love both my sons; Mikhail and Horus

that Mikhail was sexually abused is too much for me to take it

because i let him go out into the world

I took sexual abuse for him

I don't know I am finding it hard to live - so I have someone living for me

I love everyone and am very happy

Love Sneha (Kalinda)

Mikhail here

without my mother I wouldn't even live

Michael Lyons did it to Sneha and it has come back to him

they say that's what society is all about - I am glad my mother is not in it

I will become badder and greater

my mum is thinking how they picked me a snake

I plan to keep Van as my little sex toy

I told you if it is my blog it is sex

I am so happy my mum is not in society - she doesn't know any of the girls in the first society

all who sexually abused me

I have seen Robert massage my mother in her vagina - I get so angry

I am thinking I need a wife like VAN so why not keep her

I have become badder

The next surprise is Alannah and her father

She did it just for the life

I am letting them all go but keeping them as wives

I don't know I am a lot badder since I was young

I have done it - ask her to pay with sex

I guess you have heard it too

I know I am bad

My first daughter I will keep her but I don't know

I am feeling alive and black - it is my mother

They are as bad as anything - but not really that bad to choose a snake

Yes I am a snake - white skin - blue eyes - blonde hair

I am very happy that she didn't want a son but instead just conned me into the life

The game is still going on - I am thankful my mum is fallen a sleep

I love her and I am going to kill

The more I think it - I realise they did it because they had no one and no money

That is me today - I have no one and nothing

Plus I don't know if we must keep our first son Horus

Yes I will keep him - or he is conning us

I am letting him go

Nobody has a first son

I am ready to kill

All I have is my mother and me

She will enjoy life everyday - we are not leaving society - I am keeping all my wives - as long as they sleep and show their bodies

I have so much to do - I am scared for my mother

If anyone finds out how much she means to me they might do something to her

So that is about it

It is not that bad what they did - it is just the sexual abuse

I am too poor and need beautiful wives

Sneha's nanny is a lovely women who she met at Chisholm TAFE

Got to go - she won't get out of her sleep till I am done

then she will meet; Will Smith and his mother; Lily Donaldson and her son Richard

Yours truly

Mikhail Boreoff

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I am so excited - I am sleeping with girls like anything - my mother Kalinda is my mother both ways

I plan to turn her into a model

I am seriously so happy - not having a father changes you

I always thought he might be father so it was like a leash on me with a collar

I am free

I don't give a damn about sexual abuse if she is my mother both ways

she took the sexual abuse for me - I seriously love her

I love her I do - but I have no one so don't share it with anyone

me and Kalinda and our little boy Matthew

Matthew becomes cuter everyday

I am not leaving either of them

(no it has to become sex - yours MK)

Hello - Mikhail here

I went shopping with Kalinda

she isn't speaking or living but it is okay - I have had the time of my life

Plus the news I found out: that Kalinda is my mother both ways

The whole point of going shopping today was to test her

It is all good

I am so happy

Michael is so happy because he got Kim; she is so beautiful & go for it

we saw a teddy at the shopping centre - she laughed and loved it so much of her memory of him


(this is seriously going to become sex)

yours Mikhail

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hello - Mikhail here

I have decided to take over Sneha's blog

Because she has stopped living

She is a spirit so it is okay - all it is she becomes one with the universe

Why did she do it - because she took it for me and I love her

ABC -  I love my mother and son

Okay I will slowly start making this into my blog

yours mikhail

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello - Sneha here

I am feeling better now

I have decided I will do the AGED CARE COURSE and get into AGED CARE

I am for some reason feeling so tired

I love my sons - and Kishan says he is fine


I have another 78 years to wait till I can enjoy my life

Stella has about the same time too


There isnt much to do - it is hot and there is nothing for me to do

I said I would write a book on having down syndrome - but Mikhail said no and I realised it is one of a kind thing


I saw Mikhail being Horus's nanny

I can't believe how much stress they survived - Horus stopped talking

Mikhail is going to become GOD


I won't be seeing Kishan till next Friday or Saturday

I am waiting and when he comes back I can relax


I have to finish stitching the pants to wear at home - there are six

then start creating my scrapbook of 2010


Mikhail must be happy that I wasn't a player

Mikhail - she is nothing


In Mikhail's eyes I am so beautiful

I love him so much

I am day dreaming of Kishan coming back

Then getting on with the rest of the year


I am going to earn some money from working in AGED CARE and spend it at the new shopping centre

Maybe later on get a boyfriend (a Mikhail)

after this year maybe Teddy will turn into a little boy


I love watching the movies - but Mikhail said it isn't for me


love Sneha (Kalinda)

Hello - Sneha here

I have been feeling unwell for sometime

It started when I found out they had sexually abused my son

I love my sons and David and Ebony and Stella

Love Sneha (Kalinda)